Legal Assistance for business/creditors seeking to enforce their rights

Debt collection matters can be handled on either a contingency or hourly rate bases


Debt collection matters over $2,500.00 are generally handled on a contingency basis. This means that you (the client) do not have to pay a fee for legal services unless we are successful in the recovery.

Our fee is generally 25%* of the recovery, if the recovery is made prior to the filing of a law suit or, 33.3% of the recovery, if recovery is made after a lawsuit is filed.

With a contingency fee, if there is no recovery, you owe nothing for legal services, only for expenses which may be incurred

The client is responsible for any cost/expenses incurred. Typical costs/expenses may include court filing fees of $30.00 – $280.00 depending upon whether the matter is filed in small claims court or superior court, sheriff’s fee of $25.00 – $50.00 per defendant, and court reporter fees if depositions are required. If real estate is being attached, there will be additional sheriff and recording fees.

This office generally does not accept single collection matters less than $2,500.00 on a contingent fee bases.

Hourly Options

Debt collection matters can optionally be handled on an hourly basis which means that after paying the hourly fee 100% of the recovery is yours without deduction.


The Law Office of Gordon Feener concentrates in Boston debt collection, commercial collection, and accounts receivable collection for businesses and individuals in Massachusetts.

*subject to the facts and circumstances of the particular situation including but not limited to the financial viability of the debtor