The Law Office of Gordon Feener represents businesses concerning their business to business debt collection. We focus on business debt and generally do not represent consumers in their debt collection pursuits.
The Law Office of Gordon Feener handles collection cases to collect business debt. This business debt includes the collection of unpaid accounts receivables, invoices, and other debts between your business and other businesses.
When we mutually agree to enter into an agreement concerning the collection of your business debt, we typically will start off by getting to know why and how the debt came about.

We will want to know the history and/or relationship between yourself and the business as well as any and all documentation which you have to support the debt.

We will then draft what is known as a “demand letter” for payment. This will be sent to the business and will be personalized in order to inform them of their obligation to pay the debt to avoid our office taking legal action such as litigation.

If they do not respond, our next course of action is to file a lawsuit. Depending on the amount involved, we will file the suit in District court or Superior court. If the amount owed to you is under $25,000.00, we will file the matter in District Court. If the amount owed is over $25,000.00, we will file in Superior Court.

This is an example of the typical process which we use. We are a professional law firm and will pursue your debts in a professional manner. We strive to uphold our client’s reputation along with our own in each case and will tailor our actions to your specific case and situation.

Depending upon the facts and circumstances, we can request the court to grant an attachment on the debtor’s business property, real estate, and possibly bank account at any point after a lawsuit is filed prior to the case being resolved.
If your business is being sued, we would be more than glad to meet with you and discuss your options. There are a wide variety of options we can use including, but not limited to, trying to informally mediate the dispute and aggressively defending the claims brought against you.

If your business is sued, it is extremely important that you sit down with a lawyer once you’ve been served with the papers/complaint as there are strict time limits for you to respond to the court and to the other attorney.

If we are successful in recovering money without having to file a lawsuit, you will not be faced with any expenses except for the legal fee which we will agree upon in advance.

If it is necessary to file a lawsuit and you approve of filing a lawsuit, the typical fees/expenses would be the filing fee of either $200.00 or $275.00 depending upon which court the matter is filed in. You would also be looking at the cost of a summons at $5.00 per summons. A summons is required for each party that you are suing. Because the lawsuit needs to be served upon the defendant by either a constable or sheriff, there would be a sheriffs/Constable fee of approximately $45.00.

Once the lawsuit is in place, we generally recommend taking a deposition of the defendant debtor. Generally the cost of the deposition is approximately $375.00 payable to the court reporting service.

If we are handling the matter on a contingent fee arrangement, you would not pay for any attorneys fees until the case was concluded. With a contingent fee arrangement, you would only pay our legal fee if we are able to make a recovery for you. With a contingent fee agreement you are still responsible to pay for expenses when they fall due.

We do not typically charge for the first 30 minutes of an initial meeting as long as we are not being asked to create any documents and/or written opinions.
We handle business collection matters on either a hourly or contingent basis depending on the facts, your documentation, and your request.
Attorney Feener and the Law Office of Attorney Feener has been successfully handling collection matters for more than 27 years prior to being merged into the firm of the Law Office of Gordon Feener.

Your first step should be to decide whether you have waited long enough to be paid. If you feel that you have waited long enough, please call The Law Office of Gordon Feener at 617-420-7700.